Enjoy the unique experience of getting acquainted with  what is made in Honduras by wonderful men and women from rural areas.


The choice of living surrounded by beautiful objects of unique and original design. These objects are all handmade by honduran artisans with love and care and much attention to style and unique design.
In Vitro gives you this choice as long as the opportunity to help the incomes of the families that produce the objects in San Juancito, a town that revives.
Garden and terrace
For those who like to give or wear innovative pieces, In Vitro is the right place. From the object to its packaging , you can find that one of a kind work of art for any special occasion. Just wandering through our website or our stores you get transported to the world of fine design and impeccably executed craft made by Honduran artisans.
In Vitro specializes in creating the right object for the right place. Custom made architectural components in glass, stone, natural fibers and recycled materials are part of our trademark. We design for homes, offices as well as for hotels, restaurants and other public spaces.