Our Story

In Vitro was created in the year 2000 with the goal of providing a discerning

public with impeccably crafted, unique works of art. 

Setting up shop in an abandoned industrial building in San Juancito, a Honduran ex-mining mountain village, we began making handmade paper to provide  work for the local population. Today, fourteen years later we proudly train, employ and empower over one hundred committed artisans from all over Honduras – providing them and their families a livelihood and a way of life in harmony with the environment.


Built on the traditional and ancestral knowledge of its artisans, In Vitro is a specialized leader in the Honduran market of fine products made of recycled and natural materials (bark cloth, recycled and handmade papers, leather, glass, stone, pneumatic tires and aluminum pop cans). Our production process is inextricably linked to an unwavering commitment to preserve the delicate tropical eco systems that surround us helping to clean them by recycling waste products and turning them into beautiful and useful objects. We employ the latest techniques in sustainable use, always aware of what we take out and give back to the land.


In keeping with In Vitro’s mission  to create functional objects of unparalleled design and exquisite quality, our products are designed to provide our cutomers with:

- Unique, all natural or recycled functional quality pieces for home, office and public spaces

- The opportunity to contribute directly to the preservation of the tropical rainforest, its indigenous inhabitants and their way of life.

- Precise timelines of deliveries and excellent customer service in four languages (English, French, Italian and Spanish).

"For the last thirty five I have been years fascinated by the wonder of creating an object and following its production process until completion. From the spark of the first the idea to its final presentation in museums, galleries, sotres, homes and international fairs.


As an artist and designer living in San Juancito, Honduras, I have a wide palette or raw materials to use from the exhuberant materials that the central american tropical rainforest offers all year round and the exhuberant recylced materials that are discarded as waste. This natural richness combined with the talented hands of the many artisans who execute my ideas make it possible to materialize my creative force. The combination of artist and artisan is a win to win situation for both sides, I create, they execute, and we both help ourselves to have a better quality of life."

Regina Aguilar.


In Vitro was created in the year 2000 with the goal of providing a discerning 

public with impeccably crafted, unique works of art.