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Maya-Chortí Collection

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Maya/Chortí is a unique and special capsule collectionwhere fashion meets the ancient technique of weaving, made by great Honduran artisans.

Invitro, not only transforms ancestral pieces and knowledge but also creates an impact on artisan communities in Honduras.


Gifts and Fashion Accessories

For those who like to give or wear innovative pieces, In Vitro is the right place. From the object to its packaging , you can find that one of a kind work of art for any special occasion. Just wandering through our website or our stores you get transported to the world of fine design and impeccably executed craft made by Honduran artisans.



In Vitro’s love for glass art and design gave the store its peculiar name. From vases, to candleholders, special lamps and chandeliers, from decorative to utilitarian sand cast bowls, from glass jewelry to glass photoframes, the large vaierty of recycled glass gifts and accessories are all time favorites of our clients. 



Turning waste into beauty is the motto of our recycling practices. Ingenious personal and home accesories are executed using our palette of recylced materials which includes aluminum soda cans and tabs, plastic and glass bottles, window panes, old newspapers and magazines, plastic bags, caps and most things that you would simply put in the garbage. We welcome any of these waste products in the recycling bins placed in our stores. Help us keep mother earth a bit cleaner.



Handmade from recycled materials  and natural fibers, our fine line of stationary and desk accessories catches the educated eye. The unique design of our albums, scrapbooks, notebooks, agendas, gift boxes , cards and desk accessories make the perfect gift for any special occasion.  



Literally, jems of modern design! Innovative, daring and eco friendly, these jewels  and personal accessories are the perfect company for contemporary fashionists.  You will be noticed when you wear or give an In Vitro piece of wearable art.

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