In Vitro specializes in creating the right object for the right place. Custom made architectural components in glass, stone, natural fibers and recycled materials are part of our trademark. We design for homes, offices as well as for hotels, restaurants and other public spaces.


Special lighting for the most sophisticated ambiances. Custom made lamps and lampshades in the craziest materiales and designs ever, for indoor, outdoor, home, office and public spaces. Large or small, always unique!!!


Special architectural elements fabricated in fused glass, stone, natural fibers or recylced materials. These custom made room dividers can be art pieces for your home or office.  From minimalist to more ellaborate themes, all custom designed to fit your taste and space needs.


Hand-woven modular L sofas, love seats, ottomans, chairs and dinning sets with outstanding cushions. Lovely, and durable made in plastic filament or in recycled pneumatic tires, these original pieces of furniture set a contemporary tone to any ambiance.

Stained glass and mosaic

Ancient techniques masterly executed into modern designs. Applicable to walls, windows, doors, floors, table tops, frames, light holes, cabinets, architectural elements, and lighting for any private or public space.

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