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Cosmetics and Edibles

Our new line of cosmetics and edibles made with the finest of the Honduran flora is a treat to your senses. Enjoy our exquisite selection of the finest high mountain organically grown coffees, jams, jellies, syrups and wines. Pamper yourself with our unique Moskitoe Coast jungle oils and balms, plant and flower natural soaps and our wonder worker Honduran clay mask tablets. 


Pamper yourself with the finest of the honduran flora. Exotic and indigenous plants constitute the base materials for our fine soaps, oils, and balms. Various clay masks are made from different honduran clay bodies which cleanse and detox your delicate skin. Beautifully wrapped, these cosmetics will transport your senses to the heart of the tropical rainforest.


Once you try Honduran coffee you will only want Honduran coffee. Treat yourself to some of the best organically grown high mountain coffees in the world.

Accompany your coffee table with handmade fruit jams, wines, chutneys and syrups, they hold the essence of our tropical rainforests.

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